Thursday, May 31, 2012

Decorated Cookies

Im so impressed by all of these wonderful cookie decorators and it has inspired me to want to bake and decorate cookies, and the cookies will get aten up more in the house than a cake, so that equals more baking for me :) Ive seen many many many decorated cookies and they are all so wonderfully done, for example some of these cookies by wonderful cookie decorators...
By:Sweet C's Bake
By:Flour De Lis

By:The Baked Equation

By:The Cookie Puzzle

Hopefully I can become a fantastic cookie decorator like these wonderful artists.

Cookie decoration looks so beautiful and gives a nice touch to yummmy cookies, but they look so time consuming and hard to do. Ive seen techniques where when you use icing you have to draw a line around the cookie then wait for that line to dry then "flood" the cookie with the icing. That seems like it takes a long time for drying on each cookie before you can get to the fun part :)

So here is my question to cookie decorators out there how long does it take, is cookie decorating time consuming, would you suggest cookie decorating to others.

What are some great recipies to make cookies, or how do you prepare the icing.

 Where are the best place to buy cutters from. do you perfer metal or plastic cutters.

Are there so easy techniques on how to accomplish cookie making. Or any other advice. :)

I really want to start in the cookie making but I need some help/advice. Leave me a comment or two :) on something that could help me get started :)

Thank you blog readers/posters <3

My first blog post

I am very new to this and I wanted to try it out, so I dont really know what I am doing on here so if you can please help me it would really be apperciated :) I read many blogs myself and seen that many others to and it helps get the word across to others. So I need your help to get my word across, and VOTE for my cake please :)

This is a picture of what the cake looks like, but here is the link to vote

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<3 Khandra (Sweettooth)