Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Corn on the Cob

The new intake of grooms cakes are becoming more popular as time moves forward, giving the man a special surprise, that he has no clue about, bringing him to shock and happiness 
from what is brought forth to him....

And this cake did that exact thing to a groom that was in corn contests...

The corn was made from yellow buttercream and tinted a golden yellow with an airbrush

The stalks are made from green fondant, and gave it life and darkening with the airbrush machine again

And the stalks were made from spaghetti, and some of it was slightly cooked to give it character



Recently it was one of my good friends' birthday, and one thing he is really good at is UFC fighting!

Watching fights with him, and got to see the inside of his gym really made me see how big of a passion this is to him (and kinda made me like it...haha)

So for his birthday I wanted to give him a surprise...a big one at that 
One of his dreams was to go pro, and what better day to make him feel like a pro than his BIRTHDAY!!

This was one of my favorite cakes I made. I felt like I got the logos down to the tee (free hand at that) the roping looks good, and the gumpaste accessories look spot on!!


Gumpaste gloves and UFC belt..but then the rest is all BUTTERCREAM!! 

Air Jordan

Jordan's, Jordan's, Jordan's, Jordan's.......I love Air Jordans. They are my all time favorite sneaker, and what better way to express what I love through what people love...CAKE!!!

I first made the Jordan 13's.
This cake is all covered in fondant, and with fondant details

Ohh and did I forget to tell you that I entered  this cake in a competition (Grooms Cakes) and won FIRST place!!! Whoop!!

I was pretty excited even though I thought I had no chance at all hahah 

 And for my second Jordan shoe cake I made it was for my 21st Birthday!!
Again this cake was decorated and detailed all out of fondant.

But of course I had to match my birthday cake to my birthday shoes!!!

Happy 21st Birthday to ME!!!!