Saturday, November 16, 2013

Monster High

This weekend I had made a Monster High Doll cake for a sweet 5 year older. I had free take on this cake, it just had to be Monster High and a vanilla cake :)

So I decided to make a doll cake..well the dress of a doll. I took a Monster High doll, saran wrapped her legs and part of her body, so I could place her in the center of the cake, making the cake be her dress. Then I also made a 9x9 square cake on the side, that was also Monster High themed.




Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Princess

On November 8, was my beautiful princess' 3rd birthday♥ . She is the joy of my life and keeps me stronger than ever. My smart little princess loves Dora the Explorer and her mind was set on a Dora themed birthday.

On her birthday I made her confetti Dora the Explorer themed cupcakes to share with her friends at daycare. There were cupcakes made of Boots, Dora, Swiper, Diego, and the two backpacks ♥

And for my big girls party, we had DORA! A 3D Dora the Explorer Cake. Her head was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Top half of body funfetti cake filled with buttercream, and bottom marble cake filled with buttercream, all covered and detailed with fondant.
I mommy loves you♥