Monday, October 15, 2012

Bboy cake

Today is my hunnies 22nd birthday,

Since its my huns birthday I just had to make him a cake, but not just any cake ...but a strawberry cake but not just a strawberry cake... But with chocolate frosting, and not just a strawberry cake with chocolate frosting but a BBOY cake!!!

My lover is a bboy and loves to bboy when and where ever he can, so the perfect cake for him would be a bboy cake.

I made fondant bboy plaques and one with "bboy dizco" on it, which is his bboy name.

I also added come colorful borders to give it more of the color in graffiti, and this is my finished cake

Happy 22nd Birthday Hunnie

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers

Even though my moms birthday was on the 7th we had another celebration with the family which means another CAKE!!!!!

Since my mom love the Milwaukee Brewers I thought it would be a great idea to make her a Brewer cake :)

First I baked a red velvet cake in Wilton's sports ball pan which is a 6" sphere. When it was done baking and cooling I sliced each of the halves in to three layers so I could add a cream cheese frosting filling inside of my cake, and then crumb coated my two sphere halves.

Then I took those same pans and lightly sprayed the pan with cooing spray and then melted some white chocolate so I could make a sphere chocolate mold using them.
 I made one layer of white chocolate in those pans put it in the fridge to set up....then about 15 minutes later I added another coat of chocolate to give it a thicker shell, and placed the molds back in the fridge to set again. Then about a hour later I took the molds out of the fridge turned them upside down tapped them on the table a few times and the molds just popped out. 

When my molds were done I gently placed them on top of my two sphere cakes to give them a rich white chocolate shell (instead of using fondant to cover my cakes)

(About a week before I started this cake I had made a fondant Brewer Logo and the brim of a hat)

I first started on one half of my sphere which was going to be a baseball...since my white chocolate didn't cover my whole cake (the cake was showing at the bottom) because I had sliced it and filled it, I decided to pipe some green grass around the ball and then added the red stitching around the ball.

Then I took my other half of the sphere and made it into a Brewers hat. Once again my chocolate didn't reach the bottom because I had cut it and filled it I decided to add a blue border around the bottom. Then I took the fondant brim that I had made a week ago and the logo and added to that half of cake I also made some stitching in-grooved in the hat and added some blue dots to give the hat a more "hat" look....



Happy Birthday Mommy, I love you 

- ♥Sweettooth

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy


My moms birthday was on the 7th, and what better thing to wake up to than your own cake.

I baked my mom for her birthday a 6" devils food cake, filled and frosted with buttercream. 
I colored the buttercream lavender because that is her favorite color, well purple is but that is close enough :)

I also had made some fondant roses and flowers, I had made those about a week ahead of time so they could dry and harden so they could take their shape.

I had frosted the cake in lavender made big swirl borders, and placed the fondant flowers on the cake, and this is what the outcome was :)

Ohh....I also had written mom on the top of the cake since it was for her♥



- ♥Sweettooth

Monday, October 1, 2012

Walk for Apraxia

On Saturday September 29, 2012, I went to John J Malone Park to be apart of the 2012 Brynn's Walk for Apraxia for my cousin (Team Keaton). 

This walk was dedicated for all of the young children that has Apraxia of Speech. 
Apraxia of Speech is a speech disorder in which a person has trouble saying what he or she wants to say correctly and consistently.

This event was a great and memorable success. <3

All the children that registered that has Apraxia ♥

 All of the teams getting ready to walk

On this special day for my cousin I made him a special shoe cake to represent the walk, and some chocolate chip cookies

Hand panted fondant Apraxia logo
chocolate chip cookies with my hand panted logo

 Chocolate and vanilla shoe cake filled with buttercream covered in fondant along with baby fondant shoes and a Team Keaton banner.

18 strong people that wouldn't miss this day for anything in the world ♥
Team Keaton 


♥ and here's my little cousin that this was all for, Keaton ♥


- ♥Sweettooth