Saturday, September 28, 2013

2013 Brynn's Walk for Apraxia

This year today September 23, 2013 the Brynn's Walk for Apraxia was held at the Malone Park.

This year our team was a little smaller than last year, because we recently found out that my cousin Keaton(Team Keaton from last year) does not have Apraxia, that he has 22Q instead. Even though he does not have Apraxia that didn't stop out team this year from coming and supporting the ones that do have Apraxia.

OUR 2013 TEAM♥
This year at the walk the had different superhero's show up and was apart of the walk and they had handed out comic books with a special pin that corresponded with what superhero they were. There was one superhero that my little princess and my cousin loved and once they saw him later on during the walk they had to chase him to the end...can you guess who it was??
Not only did my little girl love to see Spiderman she also couldn't stop following her around either
This year I was honored to be apart of this walk, but in a different way...through CAKE!!!!
I decided to do a tiered cake, with the Apraxia logo of course. I did the top tier a strawberry cake, then marble, chocolate, and lastly a funfetti tier, all frosted and filled with buttercream and some fondant details.

 These little stars was who the cake was for, the children that attended the walk who has Apraxia


Now lets cut the cake!!!!!!!

♥ 2013 Walk for Apraxia ♥

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Robin Blue, Owl

My mothers friend was getting married and wanted me to make her wedding cake :D well wedding cupcakes and mini cake :)

She requested 100 cupcakes and wanted 4 different flavors, her color of the frostings to be a robin blue and her mini cake to be a owl head. When I heard about the owl head I was WAYYY excited to make that because it was something unique and a challenge for me. :)

The 4 different flavor cupcakes were 25 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, 25 chocolate cupcakes with mint buttercream, 25 lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and 25 white cupcakes with white buttercream.

And for the mini wedding cake, which was the owls head, is a chocolate cake, filled with mint and chocolate buttercream.


 ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥

Dream Cake for Grace

Grace's Story ♥

On, 9-7-2013 I officially became a Sugar Angel though Icing Smiles.

I got a call to action to make Grace's Dream Minnie Mouse Cake, and was able to create an "icing smile" on Grace's Face. :)

I was told a few things that was wanted on her Dream cake, like, what flavor. number of servings, any special writing, and the theme of her cake, which was Minnie Mouse in particular, Minnie Mouse in a PINK dress :)

I was told that Grace was gifted with her dream to go to Disney World, and I knew I wanted to incorporate that in her cake some way and make it very special for her. So I decided to add the Disney Castle on her cake.



The original drawing, her Dream Cake, and a small gift
Happy Birthday Grace