Friday, June 29, 2012

sugar cookies!!

Thanks to I had won some free cookie cutters not that long ago, and since I won them I had to make some cookies <3

I had made all sugar cookies in the round of cookie making, and this was my first time using roal icing and decorating cookies and I think they didnt turn out that bad :)

What do you think???

Turtle sugar cookies

sea horse sugar cookies did I do for a first timer??

- ♥Sweettooth

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am a winner :)

Thanks to Cheap Cookie Cutters ( I won their "Time for Showers" with Cheap Cookie Cutters contest on Pinterest.

I won free cookie cutters and this is what I picke out!!! :D

I am overly EXCITED that I won this contest.

I was just talking about getting into cookie decorating and now I can with these wonderful new cookie cutters I go :]

I will be sharing soon what I create with these cutters


- Sweettooth ♥

Coach Purse Cake

My grandma love purses, and everytime I see her she has a new COACH purse. So, for her 65th birthday what would be better than to make her a coach purse cake!!

I baked two 9 X 9 square inch devils food cake and cut them in half. Then I took one half that I cut, laied it on the cake board and filled it with buttercream. Then took another half stacked that ontop of the one I just filled and filled that one.....and soo on until I got four stacked an filled cakes.

Then I crumb coated the stacked cakes and put it in the freezer to set up.

After the cake was set (freezed for about a day) then I rolled my fondant and covered my cake.

I added fondant "C"s for the coach symbol, and handle and a trim around the cake.

I also added a bow to give it some "prettyness" and a customized coach tag that said, "Happy Birthday Grandma."

ohh yea :) I also made some devils food cupcakes frosted with a buttercream flower (tip wilton #12)

- ♥ Sweettooth

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Graduation, class of 2012

Here is another high school graduation cake that I did. This is a marble sheet cake (11 X17) frosted and filled with buttercream. The school colors are blue and thats the colors that I did on the cake :)

The bottom border is a shell border, then I piped dots inbetween the border. The top border is first piped with a blue ruffle using the rose tip, and on top of that border I piped a reverse shell border. Then piped "congratulations jenny."

Since it is a graduation cake I had to add a few more touches....

I had added a graduation cap, and a diploma with the year that she graduated high school (2012.) She had told me that she wanted some 3D flowers on her cake, so I added some blue roses, and some smaller flowers and came out with this beautiful cake.

CONGRATS 2012 Graduates!!

-Sweettooth <3

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day everyone. Here is a shirt cake I made for my grandfather on father's day. This is a devils food cake, filled with peanutbutter and crushed peanuts. It is covered in fondant and with a fondant tie. It was a very small cake (4 in) that I made but it was soo cute <3

Happy Father's Day!! <3

-Sweettooth <3

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cat Grad Cake

Over the weekend I had made my FIRST graduation cake!!!! I was soo excited to make this cake, and it came out WAY better than I expected. It is a yellow sheet cake (11 X 17) filled and frosted with buttercream. I colored some of the buttercream blue and made a blue boarder and roses. I also added a shell border. 
Then I also used the blue buttercream and wrote "Congratulations Liesel" for Liesel's grad cake. She really loves cats and asked me to incorprate a cat on her thats what I did I added two fondant cakes, along with a grad cap, so you know what type of even this cake is for. And here was the end result.
I was so pleased with the end results of my cake. I think it came out super awesome and I am soo in love with it and wish I had a replica of this cake for a display cake. :)

How do you think I did??

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toy Story Cupcakes

I think my all time dessert to decorate is cupcakes. I love to decorate cupcakes or mini cakes because you can make each one different but similar in their own special way. Like these Toy Story chocolate cupcakes that I made for a little boys 5th Birthday. These cupcakes are Topped with fondant characters from Toy Story.


   Woody and Buzz Light Year

Mr. Potato Head and Porkchop

I am soo in love with these chocolate cupcakes that I had made toped with vanilla buttercream. These were a big hit (more with the parents than with the kids) because of the great detail that I captured in each character.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cake

We know eveyone does not like cake, but there are not many that doesn't like cookies. Thanks why I took the time out to try and create a cookie cake. This mickey mouse cookie cake is one of many chocolate chip cookie cakes that I have created. Mickeys head is made from rice crispy covered in fondant, along with fondant hands and ears. The cake is chocolate chip cookie filled and frosted in buttercream to give it a rich taste. This was the first time I created a mickey mouse head and I think I did pretty good for the first time, what do you think?? :)