Thursday, September 20, 2012

McDonald Cookies

Yesterday I had a party at work and what better cookies to make the Ronald McDonald himself.

At first I didn't think I would be able to accomplish making these cookies because I am new to cookie decorating but they turned out pretty well.

I made eight Ronald McDonald sugar cookies...

I first outline Ronald's hair, then let that dry.
Then I outlines his face and filled it, and then let that dry.
Lastly I added his eye brows, eyes, and mouth.

I also made eight McDonald's Golden Arch sugar cookies....

I had took the cookie and outline the rim of the cookie in red and filled it, then let that dry.
Then took my yellow and made the golden arch, then dotted the rim of the red that I filled.

Along with my McDonald sugar cookies I decided to add some chocolate chip cookies to my plate. 

- ♥Sweettooth

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

Halloween is conning up very soon and one of my favorite things to do around this season is pumpkin picking :)

Even though I've only went to a actually pumpkin patch just a few times I just love taking a hay ride up the hill and soon arrive to millions of pumpkins. Halloween is my favorite time of the year and pumpkin picking inspired me to make these pumpkin patch cupcakes.

I first baked some devil food cupcakes then took Wilton tip number 12 and made a orange buttercream swirl



Then I used Wilton's tip number 352 to make the stems on the pumpkin

And when I lined the all up I creates my own cupcake pumpkin patch :) 


- ♥Sweettooth

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween Cupcakes for Polio

Last year a friend and I baked cupcakes for a Monster Mash event at our local elementary school.
We  had baked vanilla cupcakes frosted and decorated in vanilla butter cream. We had added some food coloring to give the butter cream some color to get more in the Halloween spirit. 

All of the decorations were made from butter cream and candy M&M's 

All of these cupcakes were sold for $1 to help raise money for Polio.

I hope this year I will be able to make some great treats for a great cause again.

- ♥Sweettooth

Halloween Cookies

It's getting close to my favorite time of year....HALLOWEEN :) I am so excited for Halloween and I just had to do a little early Halloween baking :)

So I decided to use my 5 inch cookie cutter and make some Halloween face cookies 

I had made chocolate chip sugar cookies to make these Halloween cookies (by the way if you have a great sugar cookie recipe and don't mind sharing it with me please post it in a comment :] )

I had made pumpkin, vampire, Frankenstein, and candy corn chocolate chip sugar cookies, and here is what I created :)

candy corn




How do you think I did??

- ♥Sweettooth



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mickey Mouse Cookies

I kinda have this new thing for Mickey Mouse and I seen these adorable cookie cutters and I had to get them....

 These cookie cutters were just the greatest things ever and they were by Wilton :)

Well from my previous posts you all know that I am starting to get into the cookie decorating so I had baked me up a batch of sugar cookies and used the cutters.
And this is what I came up with...

They didnt turn out too bad, its just my royal icing was at a more thicker consistency and it didnt give it a smooth finish (but im still new to this, so im not that mad)

So, if you have any tips for me on how to make my royal icing better, or would like to suggest a recipe just leave a comment and let me know :)

- ♥Sweettooth