Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fit for a Princess

Whats more magical than having a princess party fit for a 4 year old PRINCESS, and having matching princess treats!!! 

My Princess turned 4 in November and we couldn't celebrate her birthday any other way!

I created a princess castle cake, the bottom tier one layer chocolate and one layer white, filled with buttercream. Then the top tier strawberry (my princess request) filled with buttercream. The whole cake was frosted in buttercream with a gumpaste birthday banner, and toy pillars and princess'.

And to go along with this royal them,,,,
we had princess sugar cookies, that were decorated in royal icing, and glittered up!!

We have royalty!! 


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Graduation 2014

May 16, 2014 I graduated from Baking and Decorative Arts Program at MATC!!!!!!! And of course no one could make my graduation cake besides me!! 

I wanted to make a cake that showed what I went to school for, along with my passion...decorating cakes!! So I made a white cake, filled and frosted with buttercream, with gumpaste gebera daisy (one techniques we learned in school) along with a pastry bag, recipe card, a twisted loaf of bread, and a apron, with of course my favorite color AQUA!!! 

I made the cake look more elegant, because I want to get more into wedding cakes then the basic celebration cake. 

Hats of to me!!!!!
Class of 2014 
Baking and Decorative Arts

WKOW 27 News-Icing Smiles

I am a Sugar Angel, and a Development Representative for Icing Smiles ( an organization that donates cakes to ill children and their siblings, for more information) and I was asked to talk about Icing Smiles and what we do to the public, on the NEWS!! 

Icing Smiles recently donated their 5,000 cake this past Mother's Day of 2014, and because of that 5,000 cake we wanted to spread the word about Icing Smiles, and share our story and what Icing Smiles does. 

If you want to know more information about Icing Smiles, be a baker, donor, partner, or want to help out in any way, visit Icing Smiles website at, or you can contact me at,

Watch my segment;

I also created a cake display for my segment to show in little pieces what Icing Smiles does.
cookies= Icing Smiles, has a cookie club, where cookies are donated
cake= Icing Smiles donates cakes for ill children and their siblings birthday
cupcakes= Icing Smiles does group treats through our partners for a child's celebration of a treatment, recovery, etc
Balloons= Icing Smiles wants to give families a cake (donated) for a child's celebration to let go of things and celebrate happy times.  

School Final Cake

My final for school, Baking and Decorative Arts Program, we were given the theme, "birthday" for our final cake. I really wanted to have a all white cake with color from the flowers to lighten up my cake. So I came up with the theme, "Elegant Birthday". But when I drew up my sketch it looked too much like a wedding cake, so I decided to add a candle to bring, "birthday" to my cake!

And my cake next to my sketch.....Looks pretty close to what I visioned.

When we were finished designing our cake, we took it out to the school's cafeteria and sold our cake by the slice for $1 or the whole cake for $40.

And my cake was the first to sell out!!! 

The flavors were, the bottom tier was a chocolate cake with raspberry filling, and the top was one layer yellow, and one layer chocolate cake with raspberry filling. YUMMMMMMM!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Pastel Cake

I recently discovered a new decorating technique and I am in love with it!! 

You layer different colors of buttercream around your cake (does not matter if it is a little messy), the take your cake smoother, or bowl scrapper, and go around your cake smoothing out the sides, which will combine the colors of your buttercream, creating a clean finish. 

And then I topped my cake off with a gumpaste purple flower dusted with luster dust. 

Spider-Man Birthday

This past month we celebrated my little cousin's (Keaton) 5th Birthday. He is absolutely in love with spider-man so what better way to celebrate a party then to have a spider-man birthday with TWO spider-man cakes!!!!

The first cake was a vanilla cake filled, frosted, and detailed with buttercream, and airbrushed red. Then the second cake was also a vanilla spider-man cake and filled with buttercream, but it was covered in fondant with a rice krispie head!!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Snowy Owl Wedding

I got to create another owl cake, but this time a snowy owl cake!!!

The couple that requested this cake was parent of the groom of the last owl wedding cake I did, and they loved it soooo much that she wanted me to make her owl wedding cake :)

She requested for me to create a  chocolate snowy owl cake with 30 chocolate chocolate cupcakes, but her special request was for the owl to have GOLD eyes!

I had a few problems with this owl, in particular its head, because it kept falling off. But with a quick last minute change to make his head out of rice krispies, I think this owl was another success.

...and a photo of their set up...


Saturday, February 15, 2014

2nd Call to Action

I got my second call to action for a precious boy, Kellan, for February 14, 2014. Every time I receive an Icing Smiles email my eyes brighten and I jump for joy because I get to create another special cake for a sweet child and get to see their smile brighten through the cake I create for them.

Read and follow Kellan's story:

Kellan's 3rd birthday cake was a dream cake of a sHARK! With the colors of blue and yellow.


One of the best things about being a Sugar Angel is receiving positive feed back on how much the family love the cake, and receiving photos from them 

And I also love when a sibling also enjoys the cake just as much as the birthday boy!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Kellan!!!!

-Icing Smiles; Sugar Angel February 14, 2013

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello Kitty 2014

I start the new year off, 2014, with a Hello Kitty Cake!!!

Hello Kitty is a 8 inch double layer white cake, filled, frosted, and detailed with buttercream, and she has a GLITTER buttercream bow!!!!