Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dream Cake for Grace

Grace's Story ♥

On, 9-7-2013 I officially became a Sugar Angel though Icing Smiles.

I got a call to action to make Grace's Dream Minnie Mouse Cake, and was able to create an "icing smile" on Grace's Face. :)

I was told a few things that was wanted on her Dream cake, like, what flavor. number of servings, any special writing, and the theme of her cake, which was Minnie Mouse in particular, Minnie Mouse in a PINK dress :)

I was told that Grace was gifted with her dream to go to Disney World, and I knew I wanted to incorporate that in her cake some way and make it very special for her. So I decided to add the Disney Castle on her cake.



The original drawing, her Dream Cake, and a small gift
Happy Birthday Grace  



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