Saturday, May 17, 2014

WKOW 27 News-Icing Smiles

I am a Sugar Angel, and a Development Representative for Icing Smiles ( an organization that donates cakes to ill children and their siblings, for more information) and I was asked to talk about Icing Smiles and what we do to the public, on the NEWS!! 

Icing Smiles recently donated their 5,000 cake this past Mother's Day of 2014, and because of that 5,000 cake we wanted to spread the word about Icing Smiles, and share our story and what Icing Smiles does. 

If you want to know more information about Icing Smiles, be a baker, donor, partner, or want to help out in any way, visit Icing Smiles website at, or you can contact me at,

Watch my segment;

I also created a cake display for my segment to show in little pieces what Icing Smiles does.
cookies= Icing Smiles, has a cookie club, where cookies are donated
cake= Icing Smiles donates cakes for ill children and their siblings birthday
cupcakes= Icing Smiles does group treats through our partners for a child's celebration of a treatment, recovery, etc
Balloons= Icing Smiles wants to give families a cake (donated) for a child's celebration to let go of things and celebrate happy times.  

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