Saturday, May 17, 2014

School Final Cake

My final for school, Baking and Decorative Arts Program, we were given the theme, "birthday" for our final cake. I really wanted to have a all white cake with color from the flowers to lighten up my cake. So I came up with the theme, "Elegant Birthday". But when I drew up my sketch it looked too much like a wedding cake, so I decided to add a candle to bring, "birthday" to my cake!

And my cake next to my sketch.....Looks pretty close to what I visioned.

When we were finished designing our cake, we took it out to the school's cafeteria and sold our cake by the slice for $1 or the whole cake for $40.

And my cake was the first to sell out!!! 

The flavors were, the bottom tier was a chocolate cake with raspberry filling, and the top was one layer yellow, and one layer chocolate cake with raspberry filling. YUMMMMMMM!!

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