Monday, June 11, 2012

Cat Grad Cake

Over the weekend I had made my FIRST graduation cake!!!! I was soo excited to make this cake, and it came out WAY better than I expected. It is a yellow sheet cake (11 X 17) filled and frosted with buttercream. I colored some of the buttercream blue and made a blue boarder and roses. I also added a shell border. 
Then I also used the blue buttercream and wrote "Congratulations Liesel" for Liesel's grad cake. She really loves cats and asked me to incorprate a cat on her thats what I did I added two fondant cakes, along with a grad cap, so you know what type of even this cake is for. And here was the end result.
I was so pleased with the end results of my cake. I think it came out super awesome and I am soo in love with it and wish I had a replica of this cake for a display cake. :)

How do you think I did??

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