Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Graduation, class of 2012

Here is another high school graduation cake that I did. This is a marble sheet cake (11 X17) frosted and filled with buttercream. The school colors are blue and thats the colors that I did on the cake :)

The bottom border is a shell border, then I piped dots inbetween the border. The top border is first piped with a blue ruffle using the rose tip, and on top of that border I piped a reverse shell border. Then piped "congratulations jenny."

Since it is a graduation cake I had to add a few more touches....

I had added a graduation cap, and a diploma with the year that she graduated high school (2012.) She had told me that she wanted some 3D flowers on her cake, so I added some blue roses, and some smaller flowers and came out with this beautiful cake.

CONGRATS 2012 Graduates!!

-Sweettooth <3

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